Where can I find a decent gaming computer for under $2000?

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When building a gaming computer there are some requirements that your going to have to meet. Like can my computer handle certain games? Do i have enough power to run that high-end video card. Am I breaking the bank by spending so much money on a video card. What computer parts are the best for the gaming computer? How long will these parts last me and when should i up-grade?

Those are all good questions and I am going to tell you what i have in my gaming computer. I recently got a Cooler master RC-692-KKN3 CM690 II Computer Case, It is a full tower case with 7 expansion bays. 4 Slots for 5.25 drive bays (for your cd, dvd drives). Also 6 3.5 inch drive bays (for your hard drives). I put in an MSI 890FXA-GD70 mother board.

It is SATA 3 capable (meaning you can put 6.0 gigabyte a second hard drives in it). Usb 3.0 and backwards compatible to Usb 2.0. Its a great mother board and i have over clocked my AMD 3.4 gigahertz processor to a 3.9 and i have had no issues with it what so ever. In terms of storage I put in a 60 gig solid state disc hard drive for the operating system and i have 2 1 terabyte thats 1000 gigabytes hard drives set up in a RAID 1 set-up.

Raid 1 is where the hard drives are a mirror image of the other, so that if one hard drive fails you haven't lost anything. I also put in 2 ati Radion 6950s 2 gigabyts a piece. That means i can play any game on max setting on a 21 inch monitor of at least 50 frames a second. Any game and the computer is future proof for years to come. I also had to take into consideration the wattage factor on a power supply, I bought an OCZ 850 watt power supply, that is more than enough juice to run 2 video cards. I also installed a blu-ray drive and a dvd drive. I have watched plenty of movies on my computer. I have to say watching dvd's then watching blu-rays there is a big difference.

So i have told you what i have in my gaming computer. Are these the right components for you? Maybe, maybe not. But when your building a gaming computer you have to consider certain components. Its better to buy a higher ratted power supply in terms of wattage than not getting enough, because then your computer is going to stall out. Not a lot of people have about 5000 dollars on a gaming computer, most companies like Alienware, Falcon Northwest, or Ibuypower are going to charge you a lot for a decent gaming computer, but in all likely hood if you know a decent amount about computers you can build a decent rig yourself.

If your thinking about buying a rig and you want to build a decent gaming computer but you don't want to spend 2000 dollars or more. Intel and Amd both make dual,triple, quad and even hexacore processors to fit your needs. Also you don't need to have an 850 watt power supply, its all about what you need. I hope that you take into conseradtion that this is what I have. Your needs might be completely different but if your in the market for a decent gaming computer, you should look at what i have and go off that.

It all depends on how much you have and what your looking for, but just remember this when your building your own gaming computer that you buy all your parts at once, because you wouldn't want to run in to a brick wall and find out that certain components are compatible with others.

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