4 Steps to Purchase a New Computer

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This is a problem that has plagued some consumers for years because there is an ocean of computers to choose from today. You can purchase a desktop, laptop, tablet, hybrid tablet with a detachable keyboard and, of course, a phablet. But what is the best way to purchase a new computer? Here are 4 tips for finding the right computer for your computing needs.

1) What are you using it for?

The type of computer that you buy will depend on the types of activities that you are going to be performing on the device. If you are a simple user that browses the web and checks email, and that is all, then a basic computer may be the right solution. However, the first step in your journey of buying a new computer is to create a checklist of what you want the computer to be able to do:

• Gaming

• Photo editing

• video editing and production

• email

• web surfing

• audio editing and production

2) Where are you going to use this computer?

Think about all of the places that you will need to have access to this computer. If you are a student, you may need the greatest flexibility. Where a person who works from home all the time does not need the flexibility, but needs more computing power. Again it is figuring out what is the real need for a computer, is and that will guide you to the right type of computer.

For example:

• work from home

• don’t travel a lot

• need tons of storage capacity

• need fast processing and image quality

3) Choose the hardware

Now that you have all of the basic needs down, you can start the journey of choosing the right hardware for your computer. The biggest difference that you will find in hardware is the amount of processing capability and storage between laptops and desktops. Based on my needs above, this would make me lean towards buying a computer.

A desktop has greater flexibility in building to specific needs, and the cost is significantly less when building a desktop computer. Here are the components (hardware) to think about:

• processor (speed)

• hard drive (type and size)

• graphics card (for video and image editing)

• audio card

• RAM (memory)

• Monitor (wide-format HD)

These are all of the components that I will want in my desktop computer based on what I want my computer to do for me on a daily basis. Here is what my computer would look like based on my needs.

My Needs:

2 – 1 TB Solid State Hard drives

32GB RAM Memory

2 GB NVidia Graphics card

Creative Labs HD Audio card

8 core I7 3.4GHZ processor

28” Samsung HD OLED Monitor

4) Choose the right software

Great job! You have the right hardware to purchase a new computer based on your needs. Now choose the right software. What are you most familiar with, Mac or PC? If you are a MAC person, then you will want to head over the Apple.com and find a great IMAC or MAC pro. If you are a PC person, then you have a few options available to you. Dell is a great company that has stood the test of time in producing good quality PC. If you are the super enthusiast, then you will want to head over to NewEgg.com and buy all of the components separately to build your most excellent super fast desktop PC.

Final Note

Don’t just focus on the price of the computer. Always base it on the needs of how you are going to use the computer. Here are few things to think about before you buy.

1.     Check out the manufacturer reputation online.

2.     Read customer reviews

3.     Talk to your local computer (geek)

4.     Look for the sales and deals on those great products

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