Should I buy the Apple iPad?

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The Apple iPad is a tablet computer that is getting a great deal of attention recently, but is it right for you? There are many things that are great about the Apple iPad, but there are some things that you should have in mind before purchasing one.

First of all the Apple iPad starts at $499 and goes up to $829. The models range in the amount of storage capacity and whether or not you want 3G in addition to the standard wireless connectivity. 3G is cellular networking technology that works just like a cell phone to get on the internet. If you plan on using you Apple iPad at home you would be better off not getting the 3G version as you would be able to get on the internet using your normal internet connection via a wireless router.

In addition your home internet connection would be a great deal faster than the 3G network. Also since you already pay for you home internet connection there would be no added cost. With 3G there are also data caps meaning you would be limited to a certain amount of data before encouraging overage charges. Also the 3G version runs down the battery faster so you would also have a shorter battery life.

Beyond the choice of 3G or wifi only models there is also the choice of memory. The Apple iPad comes in 16, 32, or 64 gigabyte versions. If you plan on only browsing the web, emailing, and downloading apps there would be little need for more than the base 16 gig model. If you plan on using the Apple iPad to hold a large music library, video library, or picture library you may want to opt for a larger capacity. Keep in mind though that everything that you wish to put on your iPad will be done through iTunes, and iTunes will keep a backup of everything so you can have a huge library and only put on the things you want to currently access on your iPad then change and put others on as you wish.

Many people criticize the price of the Apple iPad saying it costs as much as a laptop or desktop computer, but the iPad's interactive, touch based interface is so easy to use even if you have never used a computer before you will find it very easy to use. You could give an iPad to a small child or your grandmother and they will be able to use it easily. This is not the case with any other type of computer or most electronic devices. The intuitively simple interface needs no instructions to get started.

The Apple iPad is not a replacement for your desktop computer. It is primarily good for consuming content, but not as good for creating it. This means browsing the web, writing emails, watching videos, looking at pictures, listening to music, playing games, reading magazines, and many other of these types of activities are perfect for the iPad. If you want to write a long paper, code a website, or play a very in-depth game you would be better off doing that from a more traditional computer.

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