Buying a New Windows 10 Computer? Take These Steps First to Get Your New Pc Off to a Great Start

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If your old PC is on its last leg, now is the time to bring in some new blood. Computer prices are falling, hardware is getting faster and more robust and hard drive storage space has never been cheaper.

When you do buy a replacement for your tired old computer, chances are that new PC will come with Windows 10. The Windows 10 operating system has been getting rave reviews among tech enthusiasts and the general public, and its market share has been growing with every passing month.

Windows 10 has scored high marks for its speed, its stability and its ease of use, but taking the right steps ahead of time can make your new PC even more useful. Take these steps before you head out to the computer store or go online to buy your new Windows 10 PC.

Create a Microsoft Account

When you set up your new Windows 10 computer, it will want to link to your Microsoft account. You can set up a new account during setup, but it is much easier to create one ahead of time.

You can create your Microsoft account in a matter of minutes. You do not even need a Microsoft-associated email address to do so. Setting up the account ahead of time will make setting up your Windows 10 PC a lot easier.

Setting up your Microsoft account ahead of time gives you a number of other benefits as well. Your Microsoft account provides access to a host of useful features, including One Drive for storing your files, the Microsoft app store and even your Skype account.

Learn About Windows 10

The learning curve for Windows 10 is a relatively short one, but watching the built-in tutorial is still worth your while. Microsoft took a lot of flak in the past for its lack of user support and guidance, and they have made up for it in a big way with the Windows io tutorial.

Now that your Microsoft account is in place and you have your Windows 10 PC, just click on the Get Started app to access the very detailed tutorial. Even if you think you already know all about the new OS, chances are you will learn a lot.

Check the Default Settings

Most of the default settings in Windows 10 are well designed and beneficial to the user; but there are a few you might want to change. Even if you do riot change anything, it is a good idea to browse around in settings and check the defaults.

Microsoft has provided a handy cog icon right on the newly restored Start Menu, giving you instant access to the Settings menu. Once there, you can personalize your-background and wallpaper, adjust your color scheme and even edit the Start Menu and Taskbar items.

Once it is up and running, you should find that your new Windows 10 computer is faster, more powerful and easier to use than the one it replaced. Taking a few minutes now to prepare for your PC can make the transition even smoother.

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