Why choose the Solid State Drive (SSD) over the HDD?

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Get a Solid State Drive to Maximize the Performance of Your Computer

If you are a computing person, then you will be torn between getting a Solid State Drive (SSD) or a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for all your storage purposes. Which one is better than the other? You can never get a complete answer on the benefits of one type of drive over the other. Different people have different needs, and it is for you to choose depending on your preferences. The SSD price has been dropping, but it is not as competitive as the HDD price. For this reason, if you consider the price factor, the HDD has a higher cost per gigabyte benefit as compared to the SSD. However, if price is your secondary consideration and performance comes first, the SSD is what you should purchase.

Why choose the Solid State Drive (SSD) over the HDD?

The SSD can be compared to a big USB stick. It does not have moving parts as compared to the HDD, and it stores all your information in microchips. For this reason, the SSD is much faster since it is easier to retrieve information. The HDD has a mechanical part that is powered to read or write, and it rotates round and round to read the information thus, consuming more time.

Benefits of the SSD

     They have a prolonged life span as compared to the HDD

     They produce less noise, vibration and also heat.

     You will no longer have to run your disk defragmentation while using the outdated Hard Disk Drive defragmenters.

Which technology is used to power the SSD?

The SSD uses an NAND flash memory storage that is not volatile; this means that you can switch the drive off and still get your information. The information stored in an SSD can last for over 200 years. It does not have an arm to read but has an installed processor that is also called the brain, and it controls all the writing and reading processes.

How can the performance of the SSD be maintained and maximized?

The SSD is built to be very fast direct from the box. However, there are easy tips for you to follow to maximize the performance and lifespan of your Solid State Drive:

     Ensure you are using the latest firmware. Updating the firmware before you start using your newly purchased SSD is critical. It is important because it will increase the performance and also support the latest features of your Operating System (OS). Before updating your firmware, backup your data.

     Make sure you have enabled the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) feature. The AHCI feature can be turned on in the BIOS of your system. If you use it without enabling this feature, your drive will run on an outdated ATA or IDE mode that will reduce the speed and performance of your drive.

     If you have folders that you frequently use, do not compress them with the NTFS compressor. Doing so reduces the performance and lifespan of your drive.

After following all the procedures, you can continue the installation process without disabling any other feature. The Windows 7, 8 or any other latest OS can configure the other settings for you.

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