What PC peripherals help you work better?

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When it comes to choosing PC hardware peripherals or even software in general it's important to take into consideration all the reviews and feedback the product has. I like to wait about a month before investing money into a product that will do a specific task for me because buying it too soon may turn out to be disastrous if the product has too many flaws.

Such flaws will upset the consumer and will leave them feeling with buyer's regret. I will look all over the place for reviews, feedback, and in some cases even go a store or showcasing of the item to see how well it really works and what people have done with it thus far. Whenever someone comes to me for advice on a particular piece of hardware that comes with variations I like to help them choose by following the same process mentioned above.

All of this is basically to see what works better and what will get the job done. In either scenario I basically put myself in the consumers perspective. If I can't help you choose then I can at least provide valuable feedback or information on the product itself. In the event that I can help you choose you can read all the input and opinions I have on the product both from a technical perspective (which now most tech blogs ignore in an attempt to just get you to buy it) and from a laymen perspective in the practical application of the item. At any rate, the majority of the time people aren't critical or in-depth enough when it comes to reviewing or providing feedback on the item. I see a lot of item pages bogged down by people complaining about lemons, customer service, etc. No one really cares if you got a lemon or if someone ignored your call. Sure these are all important things when considering what item to buy but in all honesty if you use the item appropriately and RTFM you should be okay. If you're like me and for some reason products just seem to have the uncanny ability to either fail or develop some bizarre malfunction that the maker of the product then you will surely like my reviews. At this day and age we live in a world full of choices. Some items work better for some people others either will never get the product to work the way they wanted it to in the first place or the product just wasn't what they were looking for. In either case its important to realize that at least one person has something sane and understandable to say about what you are about to spend money on. The price of the product is important too. Many times we have a company that thinks its being original and slaps on a three-digit price on something that should have been left at two or even sometimes one because the quality and workmanship of it is not even worth whatever you paid for it!

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