What are the best prices on a small form factor dual-core processor + Desktop Computer Small?

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Do you like to have your computer within arm's reach? Maybe you don't enjoy standing on your head every time you need to insert a CD or remove a flash drive? Keeping your desktop PC off the floor is also a good way to deter your motherboard and fan's natural attraction to dust and debris.

Small form factor desktops are the ideal solution for businesses and consumers with limited desktop space, and the sleek all-black Aspire AX3910-U2032 desktop computer is a reasonable solution that is also easy on the eyes. It is designed with performance, flexibility and expandability to satisfy your multitasking and personal computing needs. With powerful Dual-Core Intel Pentium processing, 4GB of memory, a large 640GB hard drive and great media features, it is the perfect PC to surf the web, share your photos and videos, power through tasks and enjoy more of your entertainment.

Great performance at a great price. 512MB Shared Video Memory, 5.1 Channel Audio Output and 802.11b/g/n wireless network all help to contribute to this machine's value in it's price class. This desktop computer weighs a mere 12 pounds and still manages to pack the following features and expansion options into it's small package:

1 PS/2 keyboard port

1 PS/2 mouse port

1 VGA 15-pin port

9 USB ports

1 HDMI port

1 eSATA port

1 RJ-45 network port

1 Optical S/PDIF port

1 High Definition headphone jack

1 Microphone jack

1 Multi 5-in-1 digital media card reader

1 External 5.25" bay

1 Internal 3.5" bay

1 PCI-E x16 slot

1 PCI-E x1 slot and a 220 watt power supply

A USB keyboard, optical mouse, AC power cord and user's manual are all included in the box and this desktop computer has a one year limited manufacturer's warranty. Dimensions are as follows: 4" x 13.9" x 10"

One of the fastest budget PCs I have tested, its wireless networking and HDMI port make it perfect for the living room and provide room to upgrade via the free expansion card slot. Thanks to its HDMI video output and wireless networking capabilities, this system's technology also lends some flexibility to how you might use it. You get a traditional VGA video output as well, so you can connect this system to most, if not all, monitors on the market.

The HDMI port also makes this system a near-seamless living-room resident. The wireless networking helps minimize cable clutter, always a bonus when you're installing a PC in a nontraditional space, and you get a single standard network adapter for wired connections. This desktop is an ideal candidate especially for more casual home theater PC enthusiasts.

Whether you want to stream a movie from your home network or a web-based application such as Hulu, burn a movie to DVD, upload media to cloud-based storage, send an email while syncing with other machines on your home home network, this machine can do it all. While there are plenty of options in the small form factor arena, the Aspire AX3910-U2032 desktop packs plenty of bang for the buck.

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