What is the coolest text messaging samsung phone?

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Text Messaging On The Samsung Character

Are you the sort of person who likes texting and talking? Then perhaps the Samsung Character is just the phone for you. Unfortunately, if you like using your cell phone to take videos and pictures and email them to your friends and acquaintances then you need to know that this latest gadget from Samsung, might not be appropriate.

Going for 40 bucks, the Samsung Character, is a fairly priced phone for U.S mobile subscribers. It combines both a slide-out keyboard while at the same time, offering a wonderful touch screen. It also has the Touchwiz Lite UI integrated. However, the lack of video playback, email support and a not-so-good camera don’t make it a decent smart phone alternative.

Having a textured black panel and completely made of shiny plastic, the Samsung Character, weighs a little over 4 ounces, making it easy to hold due to its solid feel. It comes in two colors, an astounding electric blue and dark grey. It features a resistive touch screen made of plastic with an appropriate 240 by 320 pixel resolution for a low priced feature mobile. It has amazing quick responses too! For ease of navigation, it sports three keys below it that are comfortable to press.

The QWERTY keyboard on the text messaging Samsung phone features backlit keys that are rectangular in shape. The keys are arranged in four rows that make it quite easy to tap down long messages. One thing that needs to be noted about this phone is that the touch screen can only be used for dialing numbers. For text messaging, you will need to solely rely on the slide-out keyboard.

The Samsung is a dual band phone that is not fitted with Wi-Fi. Call quality should not be a concern as calls are crystal clear with plenty of volume. The downside is that when making calls, noise cancellation is not all that great. Another negative is that the speakerphone is quite low and though good enough, I wouldn’t recommend using it outdoors.

The Character sports three home screens that may be customized with a wide variety of widgets of your choosing. Some of the widgets that come with the Samsung Character are a calendar, calculator, messaging center, clock, sketch pad and a memo pad. In addition to these, it has a springboard strip across the bottom of the home screen that acts as a shortcut to your messaging, dialer, contacts and menu.

The text messaging Samsung phone is not short on apps albeit the standard ones, for instance the memo pad and calendar. As far as browsing goes, the Polaris browser manages to almost satisfy the browsing experience. This phone however is not designed for heavy browsing.

With 100 MB of space and an expandable memory of up to 32 GB, the Character can make for a good primary music player. I would recommend the Samsung Character for cellular customers in the U.S that are big on texting and don’t mind going without a Kodak moment. Otherwise, this Samsung meets all criteria that a good phone should.

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