HP TouchSmart 610z pros and cons?

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Computers have come a long way since the use of 8 and half inch floppy disks. In today's society, the demand of innovative PCs is gaining ground as manufacturers struggle to keep up with individual and business requirements. Hewlett & Packard, a primary player in the computer market, presents the HP TouchSmart 610z. It is a robust, wireless, compact all-in-one device that facilitates a 23-inch high-definition wide screen that makes the user experience comfortable and intuitive.

Upon conducting an HP TouchSmart 610z review, it is apparent that it stands 17.2-inches tall, 4.06-inches wide, 23.03-inches long. This PC has a small footprint and saves space for your workstation. It is Energy Star qualified; its power supply unit facilitates a standard 150 watts-capacity.

The innovative computing device is a touch-screen capable device that can recognize your fingers before they contact the screen (no keyboard required). It does come with a wireless keyboard for people who prefer old-school typing, and it comes with a wireless mouse. The user-interface is highly responsive and accurate. Hewlett & Packard through a Hail Mary when they decide to incorporate a revolutionary design.

The revolutionary design will enable you to find that special comfort zone with its adjustable display positioning. It can recline from an upright to almost-flat position. You can adjust the tilt 60 degrees back, 5 degrees forward, or swivel it at 180 degrees. Any room of your house or office can accommodate this flexible device. If you like, you can install the platform for wall-mounting; this is especially useful if you have destructive toddlers running around. Worried about Ethernet wires laying around, no worries, it has an internal antenna for 802.11 Wi-Fi connections. Though, you need to be sure that your router supports Wi-Fi.

Unlike most touch-screen predecessors, this touch-screen facilitates a wide-range of optional tweaks that ensure that your computer meets your needs and requirements. Fortunately, this device can be tweaked, before purchasing, for high-powered gaming, or you can keep it basic and upgrade later. If you are into geeking-out your computer to an entertainment center, you can opt in for the TV tuner and a remote.

This computer runs on AMD-based processors (I prefer Intel). AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices. Although, it would be agreeable to see Hewlett & Packard make Intel the standard process, the AMD processor can be upgraded to a AMD Phenom X4 910e quad-core, which is the maximum level of processor that will work with the touch-screen. The standard memory is a 4 Giga Byte DDR3; 2 DIMMs. It can be upgraded to a maximum of 12 Giga Bytes; 3 DIMMs. The type of memory card it takes are SODIMMs (small outline dual in-line memory module). There is a total of 4 SoDIMM slots incorporated.

If this computer's basic hard drive capabilities of 500 Giga Bytes does not quite do it for you, you can upgrade it to a maximum of 2 Terabytes; it depends on your needs. You can opt for the basic Wireless-N LAN card or you can get the Premium Wireless-N LAN card and Bluetooth. Its networking features are solid with an integrated Ethernet that is capable of moving 10/100/1000 Mega bits per second. It facilitates a generous 7 USB ports; two of them are on the side, four on the back, and one on the back-bottom.

While the HP TouchSmart 610z and its optional upgrades are a solid device for virtually any needs, we hope to see the next generation of touch-screens facilitate a better processor than AMD. This is, hands-down, a solid device for moderate-heavy gaming, entertainment, and business processes. Other than the processor brand, we can't honestly think of many cons to purchasing this computer.

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