What are the Best Video Cards of 2016?

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The Best Video Cards of 2016

As this summer comes to a close, we've seen quite of few Pascal and Polaris based graphics cards released. From the uber high-end Titan X Pascal Edition to the low power Rx 460. Now there is a fresh new graphics card for anyone's budget so here is the best graphics card for every budget.

$1200 and over

If you have that type of cash for just a graphics card then you can pick yourself up an Nvidia Titan XP. This $1200 graphics card is a powerhouse. Yep, this GPU can even power your epic 4k setup or 1440p ultrawide setup with ease. Of course with great power, comes great a CPU to pair with. So x99 i7 should be the CPU to handle this power.

$700 and under

Now if you have you have a budget of $700 and under to buy a GPU, you be picking up an Nvidia GTX 1080. This graphics card is much more powerful than last's year GTX 980 Ti with lower power consumption. The 1080 can easily handle your 1440p 144hz gaming needs. You can even play games at 4k with ultra settings in most games. However, you are going to have to wait for prices to settle because sellers have marked up the price as a result of the high demand.

$450 and under

Most would say the value graphics card is here with Nvidia GTX 1070. It's about on par with last's years GTX 980 Ti in performance but consumes much less power with a measly 150-watt TDP. This the graphics to get if you want to game at 1440p 60hz or 1080p 144hz as it can easily handle those needs. Anything above that will force you to turn down some setting to reach your desired frame rate.

$300 and under

Now here ia where things get exciting! On one hand, you have the Nvidia GTX 1060 which boasts GTX 980 performance in dx11 titles. On the other hand, you have the AMD RX 480 which boast the performance of a 970 at a lower price. In reality, the 1060 barely beats the Rx 480 in most dx11 based games however in dx12 games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3, the Rx 480 beats it. That and the 480's excellent Vulkan support is why I recommend an RX 480 over a GTX 1060.

$200 and under

You have two options here. The AMD RX 470 or the Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb graphics cards. RX would be the better choice as both the video cards can play AAA title at max settings at 1080p. Since that is the case, I cannot recommend graphics card with less than 4gb frame buffer. Also, you can pick up an RX 470 on jet.com for around $170 while the 1060 3gb sells for $200.

$150 and under

Before this summer started, this would have easily gone to the Nvidia GTX 950. After the RX 460 released, it confused the market. The RX 460 beats the 950 in some games and loses in other games. Also, the RX 470 can be had for about $60 more than these GPUs and you get significantly more power the 470 sometimes even double the performance. However, if you have an OEM prebuilt computer and you want to venture into PC gaming, the RX 460 is the graphics to buy because you don't need a power connector for it. It's plug and play!

If your spending more than $150 on a GPU in late 2016, then you have significantly more performance at your disposal compared to last gen video cards. From getting GTX 970 performance for less than $200 to getting GTX 980 Ti performance for $400, these are the best video cards of 2016. Everyone can agree it's a great time to be a PC gamer!

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