What could be the best video card for games at an affordable price?

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For those who may wonder what could be the best video card for games now, there are a lot of offers available. In general, people may search for adapters that have a good balance between performance and price. Today, individuals who want to buy a good video adapter could find one under a main price range between 75$ and around 300$. There are more expensive cards, but those are for extreme graphic workstations.

People can start by studying cheaper products, such as Radeon 6670 from AMD, which costs around 75$, has acceptable performance and does not require a supplementary power supply connector, being able to draw the necessary power directly from its PCI slot. The resolutions in which the games may run smoothly go up to 1680x1050, but mostly the lower settings have to be used for the graphics.

Radeon 6750 and 6770 have better memory and processors like 6670 and the price is not much higher, as its is around 100$. Games run well on these cards, but on higher resolutions, like in 1920x1080 the lower settings may be recommended. In the range of 130 to 150$, the models 6790 and 6850 can be really great, but for users who want a little more power, an HD 6870 would do its job, for 180$.

With all the power that the mid-range cards may provide, the newest Direct X 11 games may have slower frame-rates in the highest resolutions. However, for those who accept lower resolutions, such as 1280x768, or even 1680x1050, these adapters can be the best affordable solution. The cards that are around 180$ can handle any game, but in higher resolutions, the gaming productions that are more demanding may have to be played on lower settings.

The next cards may be expensive for some users, but the money spent may worth the performance that the adapters can offer. For example, the GTX 560 Ti from Nvidia along with the HD 6950 from AMD are simply awesome. For approximately 220$, these devices have much overclocking potential and they can run most games at 1920x1080 with the settings close to maximum, or some games with maximum settings but without anti-aliasing.

A version of the HD 6950 exists that has 2 GB instead of 1 and an unlocking switch, is almost 300$. The switch is meant to unlock the card for becoming an HD 6970. An expensive card can be the GTX 570 from Nvidia, that seems to offer just a small performance increase for the much increased cost. This adapter can run most games at 1920x1080 with maximum graphics and some degree of anti-aliasing and other types of filtering, depending on the game.

When it comes to choosing the best video card for games that also has a good price, selecting a video adapter in the range of 150-220$ may be the best thing to do. It could be acceptable enough to run a game in 1680x1050 and medium settings for the graphics. A smooth frame-rate may be more important sometimes than having all the details.

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